My name is Kevin Buckland. I graduated from the University of Birmingham with an MA in music/electroacoustic composition in September 2018. A month later, in October 2018 I started out on what will hopefully be an incredible three year journey of study and discovery, as I began studying for a PhD in Electroacoustic composition, again at the University of Birmingham.

My research is a study through composition into the underlying intrinsic musical character that I believe is present within the everyday soundscape; whether rural or urban, indoors or outside. This will be achieved through the creation of a portfolio of sound-based electroacoustic compositions. These works will use my original field-recordings as their base. The compositions will help to develop a sense of closeness with the environmental, and architectural spaces from which the sound material has been abstracted. 

This website will form a vital part of my final portfolio, connecting blogs of my journeys, photographs, descriptions of the places that I visit, and a repository for my writing and compositions.