Amsterdam Recording Locations

  • Ann Frank House.
    Amsterdam is ideal for field-recording, they have endless amounts of benches scattered around. You can sit uninterrupted for hours recording. Another bonus is the near total absence of cars and lorries around the city centre. I spent about an hour, sat on a bench recording about 50 metres along from the Ann Frank house. It is for obvious reasons an area very popular with tourists, none of whom were particularly interested in what I was doing.
  • The Rembrandt House Museum
    A great place to sit and record the sounds of the waterways. I sat on a bench a short distance from an old wooden bridge. I loved rattle of the bikes over the cobbles, their bells alerting pedestrians to leap out of the way. The cyclists are inevitably texting or emailing as they ride.
  • Stedelijk
    This is an amazing museum, a little like London’s Tate Modern; though better (I love Tate Modern, so that is really saying something). I sat outside for quite a long time, recording people walking past, trams, buses, cars, birds. There’s quite a wide concrete overhang that keeps the rain off, and adds a really nice reverb to the recordings.
  • The Rijksmuseum
    This is another fantastic museum. There’s a covered/vaulted walkway through the centre of the museum, leading from the park to the main road. There were some amazing buskers playing there that I managed to record, plus hundreds of bikes whizzing through over the cobbles.