Brussels 12th December 2018

I only had about six hours in Brussels on my final day before boarding the Eurostar back to London. I walked a route up from Grand Place, just really improvising a route, following signs to places that looked interesting. I walked as far as the Parc de Petit Sablon, spent half an hour or so recording there, then retraced my steps stopping off at the places shown on the map, and described below.1)

  • The Parc de Petit Sablon
    This a beautiful garden surrounded by wrought iron fence and a total of 48 statues of notable historical Belgians. The central feature; and what originally attracted me to the garden is a very large fountain that you can see in the photos below. I spent about thirty minutes recording here. There was a ceremony taking place in the palace immediately behind the garden, with a military band playing quite loudly.An edit from the recording made outside the Royal Library:2).
  • The Royal Library
    Another garden, this one flanked by the large and very grand looking Royal Library.  I arrived here just before midday, planning to record the bells chiming in the nearby church.3).
  • Rue de Marche des Herbes
    I sat in the little square near to a statue of author and one-time mayor of Brussels Charles Buls. This seems to be popular with buskers, there was an excellent electric violinist on my first walk through, on my return there was a superb opera singer