Glasgow February 2019

Recording locations and the route for my walk

Glasgow is a truly magical city, with beautiful architecture, wide open green parkland, amazing churches, galleries and museums, and a beautiful cathedral.
My walk started at the wonderful medieval cathedral of St. Mungo’s, where there was an organ recital taking place. Moving on from there I walked across the city to the open space of Kelvingrove Park. This is home to birds and wildlife and the magnificent Kelvingrove museum and art gallery, stopping off en-route to record alongside the fast-flowing and lesser known of Glasgows two rivers, the Kelvin.

Leaving the park behind I walked along fairly busy roads toward the much better known River Clyde. Little now remains of Glasgow’s once busy riverside industrial heritage, much of the area alongside the river has been redeveloped and is now hotels, offices, apartments, there’s the SSE Hydro sports and exhibition venue, next door is the fantastic looking SEC Armadillo building, and across the other side of the river sits the BBC Scotland building, and the ultra-modern looking Science Museum.

Walking along the river Clyde I discovered my next recording location; which was under the road George V road bridge, which is just a couple of minutes walk from St. Enoch’s Subway Station. This is located directly next to the main railway bridge into Central Station. The wide and low bridge structure affords a fantastic architectural reverb, mixing the sounds from the road, trains, the lapping of the river Clyde, boats, birds, cyclists and passing pedestrians.

Leaving the river behind me I then headed on into the city centre itself to the beautiful Georgian building that is home to the Gallery of Modern Art.